Darrell Greenwood returns to the podcast to reflect on the past year and discuss the insights and knowledge gained from doing healing work. 

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Recognized as an emerging leader in the world sound healing movement, Matthew Kocel is a throat singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording artist with over 3 decades experience as a performer and multi-disciplinary healing arts practitioner.

He is a committee member of the Global Wellness Institute Sound Healing Initiative, and in the last year alone has shared his vision inducing music in France, New York, the western United States and Canada.

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Matthew Bennett is the Founder and formulator of Bennett's choice, a line of brain supplements inspired by his work with athletes and treating post concussion symptoms. Matthew joins Jason to discuss his Holistic approach to brain health and the research and motivation behind Bennett's choice. 

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Have you had an unhealthy relationship with food? Do you feel the pressures of maintaining a certain image or persona? How can we move past that and reach self-acceptance? Denai Johnson, founder of Hella Well joins Jason to discuss her personal journey of moving through these challenges.

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What is a life of purpose and how do we find it? What are the belief systems holding us back? Steve Julien, Founder of Entirely Leadership Guidance is on the podcast to share his life's work centred around purpose and living in the present moment.

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Back by popular demand, Dr. Jessica Eastman returns to the podcast. Dr. Jessica Eastman is a naturopathic doctor with a clinical practice in Vancouver and the founder of Thrive Clinical Mentorship, an online mentorship program for Nutritionists and Health Coaches.

Topics discussed:

- The four types of fatigue and how to overcome it

- How fatigue can lead to depression

- Factors involved in depression

- How to address and treat depression

- Psychedelic assisted therapy

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In this episode we highlight some of the best moments from Jason's conversations in 2018.


Episodes featured include:


  • Andy Zaremba - Floating, Mindfulness and Self-Discovery (1:25)


  • Nadya Pecherskaya - CBD oil and conscience self-care (5:21)


  • Dr. Saeid Mushtagh - Pine pollen and boosting testosterone (11:40)


  • Dr. Lois Nahirney - Know your DNA and live a healthier life (17:02)


  • Dave Weale - Get grounded and take action (21:09)


  • Dr. Jessica Eastman - Optimizing sleep for better health (25:17)


  • Darrell Greenwood - Building a life of strength and courage (29:30)


  • Lucas Mattiello - Overcoming fear and building confidence (34:48)


Can DNA testing help us be healthier, happier and express the best version of ourselves? The answer is yes, and Dr. Lois Nahirney from DNAPower joins Jason to explain why, as well as tell her personal story of how learning about a simple weakness in her genetics solved all of her health issues.

Topics covered in this episode include:

How DNA testing works

What we can learn from DNA testing

How DNA testing can help us improve our health

The role of epigenetics on our health

How we can influence the way our genes are expressed

Difference between DNA testing and allergy/food sensitivity testing 

How attitude and mindset imputes our genes

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Darrell Greenwood is a personal trainer, plant enthusiast, and Co-owner of Living' the dream farm.

He joins Jason to share his personal journey from the gym to the farm and discuss the following topics:

- How our work in the gym translates to the rest of our lives.

- Building courage and overcoming fear.

- The powers of plant medicines.

- How to overcome our deep rooted programming.

- Livin' the dream farm and it's mission.


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Dave Weale is the Founder and CEO of Grounded CBD.

Dave is on a mission to help others understand how natural aids such as CBD, cannabis and meditation can be used to enhance their lives and get "grounded"

Topics discussed in this episode:

- Dave's near-fatal accident and how it led him to focus more on his health.

- How CBD drastically changed his life.

- Why he started grounded CBD.

- Lessons learned from the entrepreneurial journey.

- Legalization and so much more........

For more information visit groundedcbd.com or @groundedcbd on instagram. 



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